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Sofie leads the Marketing & Events team at Zouk, a high-energy nightclub at the forefront of global clubbing. She lives in Singapore, but is always up for a travel adventure. She describes herself as "happy and craving for good dim sum all the time".

What kind of traveler are you? (Eg. laid back, adventurous, anxious...)

Pre trip planner with a taste for anything local. I'm only anxious when it comes to hitting the airport prior to the flight.

What is your favourite destination to date and why?

Can I name a few?

Barcelona for its free spiritedness and Iberico ham.

Tokyo for its uniqueness and weirdness and possibly the best udon I have ever had.

Bangkok for its soul and the people!

Where would you recommend to eat, drink and party in this city?

Bangkok- Bad Motel for the Peach Sake Jelly drink and Basil Pork Rice!

Party- Dark Bar in Bangkok and Tep Bar for a mix of traditional Thai music with a modern twist.

Bad Motel Bangkok - Roomorama Blog Pictured above: Bad Motel (photo credit:

Dark Bar Bangkok - Roomorama Blog Pictured above: Dark Bar (photo credit:

What are some of your must do's when you travel?

Eat Maccas (McDonalds). It tastes different yet similar in every country. Plus there's always something local about the Maccas in every country. I love the pies in Thailand's Maccas!

What are your 5 travel essentials?

  1. Hair dryer
  2. International adaptor
  3. Loads of tissues and wet wipes
  4. Furry Black Jacket for flights
  5. Hair tie

How do you think the clubbing scene in Singapore has evolved during your time in the industry?

It's been 10 years. And everything about it has shifted. When I was 18, what was considered haps was Long Island Juggies and Bacardi Breezers in bottles. These days, we see bottle drinkers a lot more. There was also the trend of members only exclusivity and trains of Champagne. It's also the rise of EDM, where Dance music has crossed over to Pop and now its so accessible you can hear dance music all over the radio. Our clubbers are also more widely travelled and local parties need to have an edge to draw back the crowd time and time again. House parties also took a whole loop and seems to be always trending. These days, its always about unique venues, cafe in the day to a dance floor at night. Gone were the days of super clubs, today its about intimate small spaces.

What are some of your favourite countries to go to for parties?

Bangkok for its unique concept bars like Iron Fairies, Tep Bar and Maggie Choos.

In your opinion, what do you think is different clubbing in Singapore and in some of the other countries you have been to to club?

The people always make the vibe of a place. When you add in all the other elements - the music, the decor, the drinks and your friends- you always end up with something different no matter which part of the world you are in.

We hear that you are also into fashion. Name some of your favourite boutiques in Singapore, and what makes them special!

I shop online alot! Check out or up and coming locally designed lingerie label- Naked & Unbound!

What is a typical weekend for you when you're back home?

There is no typical weekend for me. Sometimes its brunch, sometimes dimsum, sometimes movies or back to Zouk for a birthday party or a Guest DJ. Sundays I try to run every week with my running collective- The High Panters. It keeps me sane to know we are trying to run for a good cause. Check out our FB for more info: The High Panters

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