Tips for travelling with your dog

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Lynette is the founder of Edge of Ember, a socially-responsible line of jewelry, produced by artisans in fair trade workshops in Indonesia and Cambodia. Lynette's furry pal is Chloe, whom she adopted while living in Hong Kong. Since Hong Kong, Chloe has followed Lynette to London, Singapore and back. Now that Chloe lives in Europe, the lucky pooch gets to jet set around the continent too. We ask Lynette to share tips for other dog-owners who want to travel with their pets.

What advice and tips do you have for travelling with your dog?

You can take your dog in the cabin on international flights! When I moved to London from Singapore, I really didn't want to put Chloe in cargo so I found an airline and route that allowed me to avoid that (by Lufthansa to Frankfurt, then train to Brussels and driving to London). No one really does it, and I got stares from everyone at the airport - staff included. They almost didn't even know what to do, and didn't even check the documents required.

We've also been on road trips with Chloe and it has been a breeze. We can bring her everywhere in Europe - to a pretty fancy restaurant in Beaune (Burgundy), to the club Farinet in Verbier (though we didn't stay too long there).

Tips for taking your pet on board a plane

  • Find an airline that will take dogs on international flights - Lufthansa, Air France, Swiss Air are some airlines that are very pet-friendly.
  • Fast your dog for about 6-8 hours before the flight, to ensure it isn't travelling on a full stomach and bladder.
  • Make sure to have you dog take a quick toilet break right before you check your dog in.
  • Ensure your dog has sufficient hydration for the flight - either by freezing his water in a bowl so it melts slowly during the flight, or by attaching a big hamster water bottle to his crate
  • Get your pet used to the travel bag a few weeks before the flight, especially if it's a long haul flight.

What if your dog needs to sit in cargo?

  • Let your pet get used to the crate a few weeks before the flight. I had my dog sleep in a crate for about a month before, and often left dog treats in the crate so that she associated being in the crate with something positive.
  • Try shutting the crate door, too, for increasing periods of time, just to get them used to the tight space.
  • Leave toys in the crate if the airline allows it. It helps to have something familiar in the small crate space.

When you relocated Chloe, did you use an agent, or did you do most of the paper work and arrangements yourself?

I used a pet travel agent, as there was quite a bit of administrative work involved and I wanted to make sure it all went smoothly. It is worth the money, and I recommend using one if you are making a permanent move from one country to another!

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