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City Guide: Bangkok

Ase Wang is an actress based in Bangkok, a resident judge for Supermodel Me, and owner of a barber shop called Never Say Cutz Ramkhemhang. We ask this gorgeous multi-hyphenate what she loves about Bangkok.

What brought you to Bangkok and what do you love and hate about the city?

I've lived in Bangkok for 7 years. I moved to Bangkok for work to pursue the Thai film market.

I love how easy it is to do things , and how happy and grateful Thai people are , they do every thing with a smile .

I hate THE TRAFFIC!!! I'm sure that's everyone's complaint about Bangkok, and I hate that I have officially become a Thai driver and make up my own rules when I'm driving :)

What kind of traveler are you?

Definitely organized and laid back. Adventurous sometimes, as long as I'm not camping.

What are your must-dos when you travel?

  • Setting up a good vibe with good friends
  • I always bring a candle for my hotel room, especially if it's for work.

What is your favourite destination to date, and why?

My favorite destination to date would still be in Thailand, Phuket, at Sri Panwa Resort. The resort has always felt like a home away from home to me, their staff are always so nice and accommodating. That's my kind of holiday - beach, sun ,pool, villa. What else can you ask for?

What is next on your bucket list of places to visit and why?

Maldives - never been because I'm still waiting for that special someone to go with , it looks so romantic.

What are your 5 travel essentials?

  • Candle
  • Sun block
  • Bikini
  • A fab hat
  • Fab sunglasses

What kinds of souvenirs do you bring back with you from your travels?

Frankly I'm quite bad with that - the only thing I bring back is photos, and sometimes a hang over.

If you had a friend come to visit Bangkok for 3 days, what would be a recommended itinerary?

  • If they are into house interiors, I would recommend Chatuchak Market.
  • Massages at Asia Herb Spa.
  • Kao San road for that Thailand hippie vibe.
  • Sukhumvit 38 for street food at night.

What are your favourite neighbourhoods in Bangkok, and why do you love them?

I love the Thonglor area - that's my hood. They have cool restaurants, bars and just an overall great vibe.

What are your favourite local Thai restaurants?

For night street food, definitely Sukhumvit 38.

Sukhumvit 38

Pictured above: Sukhumvit 38 (credit: Johan Fantenberg)

Also, I love Cabochon, it's found in a boutique hotel. Great Thai food, one of the best in my opinion.


Pictured above: Cabochon (credit: Splendia)

What about if we wanted a night on the town?

My favourite is Maggie Choos, good place for drinks and partying.

What are your favourite bars in Bangkok?

I like Aqua at the Four Seasons Hotel, it is open air and a good place to have a drink and catch up.

Surface Bar and Restaurant is a local hang out of mine too. Good food and good drinks.

Aqua Surface

Pictured above: Aqua (credit: Asia City), Surface (credit: Asia City)

If you are a morning person, what's a typical Bangkok breakfast?

For Thai breakfast, I would go to the local Thai porridges found mainly at road side Thai restaurants.

Thai Porridge

Pictured above: Thai porridge (credit: RinS CookBook)

What about desserts?

My favourite is mango sticky rice, best one I've found is a stall that sells it at the beginning of Sukhumvit 55 (Thonglor).

Mango sticky rice

Pictured above: Mango sticky rice (credit: Chinkerfly)

What are some of the non-touristy activities visitors can partake in?

I find that Bangkok is a very good place to get your dental works done and for any kind of yearly health check ups, they have some of the best programs here.

Skin Doctors are also highly recommended too!

Is there a best time to go to Bangkok and why?

I think anytime of year is a good time to come to Bangkok, though weather is a bit cooler in December.

Tell us something about Bangkok we are unlikely to know.

There are a lot of good Italian restaurants here, set up by true Italians :)

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