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City Guide: Tokyo

Living in New Zealand, Wei Ting is currently in her second year of university. She studies Business, majoring in Human Resources Management and Marketing. Music is a big part of her life; she plays the harp, and teaches young children to play the harp in her spare time. Apart from music, she loves the outdoors. She describes herself as a girl who is "all about new experiences and getting to know our planet".

Find her on Instagram: @weitingashley.

What kind of traveler are you?

It depends on where I go but I always want to explore! So last year, I went to Fiji with my friend Ashley to the really touristy part – "Denarau island" – but later I met some locals one night and they showed us around Nadi. We went on a cool road trip one Sunday along the coast. It's the little things, like going out of your way to speak to locals, that make your travels more of an exciting adventure.

Denarau Island, Fiji Pictured above: Denarau Island (credit: Simon Clancy)

What are your must do's when you travel?

EAT LOCAL FOOD!!!!! Also, I have to see some nature or some sort of scenery. I almost always look on google, blogs or tripadvisor for hidden secret gems, and I always manage to stumble upon cool places just by being outdoors.

What are your 5 travel essentials?

I always bring my iPhone everywhere!!!!! It's the most convenient camera and organiser.... Everything all in one. I never travel without lip balm. Hurraw! lip balm is my saviour. My Nike slides and fanny pack are something I pack no matter where I go just because of the convenience and comfort. Do snacks count? I bring snacks everywhere I go. I'm not very cute when I'm hungry.

How did you hear of Roomorama, and about the "Win a Trip to Tokyo" contest?

I actually got an email from Roomorama informing me there was 48 hours left in a contest, so naturally, I tested my luck and checked it out.

What did you do immediately after you found out you won, did you start making plans for your trip immediately?

I CALLED MY BOYFRIEND! We were so excited and pretty much got started on making plans for our trip. He asked to get work off while I did the hard yards and organised our activities.

What would you recommend first time visitors to Tokyo to see, do and eat?

I definitely recommend going into a Japanese restaurant where you can sit on the floor. It's pretty cool! Also, there was a place in Shibuya, where you had your own private little booths. Oh god, I wish I had taken some names down. We went to some delicious places for food. We were pretty much eating when we weren't walking around.

You NEED to do a biking tour (I recommend Noel Curry's bike tour). It crams some cool significant sights in half a day plus you get some exercise in. You pedal around the city and stop to see shrines, flower gardens, etc.

Biking tour – Roomorama blog Biking tour – Roomorama blogBiking tour- such a fun way to see the sights! Cycling around Tokyo on a sunny day.

Mount Fuji is also another recommendation I'd make. It's just incredibly breathtaking.

Mount Fuji Pictured above: Mount Fuji (credit: Melenama)

Disneyland was one of the favourite parts of my trip. It's just the happiest place on earth. I mean, who can say NO to fun rides and MICKEY MOUSE CHEESEBURGERS. We finished off our day at Disneyland with the buffet at Cinderella's palace.

Disneyland Pictured above: Tokyo Disneyland (credit: Gelli Rosario)

Oh, and everyone has to visit Shibuya Crossing. It's just a whole 'nother level of pedestrian crossing madness. It was so much fun going to Shibuya!

What was your most memorable moment on your trip for you?

Shibuya Crossing was pretty surreal! That's at the top of the list somewhere. I couldn't get past how many people were crossing. It was like a party on the street. I honestly had adrenaline pumping through me. But also, watching the bullet train zoom past you then actually taking a ride on it. It's so fast! I loved it! Most memorable would be one of those moments or just seeing the joy on my partners face every time we encountered something culturally enchanting. He's never been to anywhere other than Australia and New Zealand (where we live) so it was so much fun exploring together, trying new foods and experiencing an entirely different part of the world.

Shibuya Crossing Pictured above: Shibuya Crossing (credit: Dick Thomas Johnson)

Was this your first time staying in a non-hotel accommodation on a trip? If yes, how did you enjoy it? Would you recommend it to your friends, family, etc.

Yes! And let me tell you, I'm hooked. It's so cool having your own apartment because you feel a lot more at home. It's really comfortable and different. I loved it and will be doing it again.

Could you share some photos with us, of the sights you saw, food you ate.

Walking around Tokyo Central – Roomorama blogWalking around Tokyo Central

As evening approaches, Shibuya comes alive – Roomorama blogAs evening approaches, Shibuya comes alive

Shibuya crossing – Roomorama blogShibuya crossing

Temple in Tokyo – Roomorama blog Temple in Tokyo – Roomorama blogOne of the temples that we visited

Disneyland Tokyo – Roomorama blog Disneyland Tokyo – Roomorama blogDisneyland!

Mount Hakone – Roomorama blog Mount Hakone – Roomorama blogMount Hakone

Just outside meguro train station in Tokyo central – Roomorama blogJust outside meguro train station in Tokyo central

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