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City Guides: Hong Kong and New York

Lauren Khoo, designer and creative director of Lauren X Khoo Fine Jewelry, straddles between her homes in New York and Hong Kong. She shares her perennial favourites in each bustling metropolis.

Where do you brunch in Hong Kong and New York?

Hong Kong

18 Grams - Possibly the best Coffee in Hong Kong

Aberdeen Street Social - Modern British cuisine by Michelin-star Chef Jason Atherton

Che - A traditional Dim Sum place locals and tourists both find themselves returning to

Tabibito - Japanese style tapas with a unique menu categorized in terms of where the ingredients are from and the nature of the dish itself

Chachawan - Thai restaurant and bar specializing in Northern Thai food

Sevva - International cuisine inspired by the cultural diversity of Hong Kong

China Tang - Originally from London, a Dim Sum place with character and style

Aberdeen Street Social Chachawan Sevva

Pictured above: Aberdeen Street Social (credit: Suzy Annetta), Chachawan (credit: ATmag), Sevva (credit: Sevva)

New York

Jack's Wife Freda - An American Mediterranean restaurant known for its delicious brunch

Sant Ambroeus - Northern Italian food, gelato and sweets

Cipriani Downtown - A place to see and to be seen, Italian food and cocktails

Crosby Bar - The Crosby Bar inside the Crosby Street Hotel offers modern American food in a uniquely eclectic setting

Rose Bakery - Parisian inspired bakery with delicious pastries and sandwiches

Cafe Cluny - Franco-American cafe known for its weekend brunch

Felix - French brasserie in SoHo good for brunch and pre-dinner drinks

Kingside Restaurant - A modern take on American cuisine paired alongside signature cocktails

Jack's Wife Freda Crosby Bar Rose Bakery Kingside Restaurant

Pictured above: Jack's Wife Freda (credit: The Betches), Crosby Bar (credit: Jada Wong and Alison Ives), Rose Bakery (credit: tastesavant), Kingside Restaurant (credit: Viceroy Hotels and Resorts)

Favourite spots for a cuppa?

Hong Kong

Teakha - Cake, Tea, Scones, what more can one ask for?

Sevva - Afternoon Tea with Asian influences

New York

Via Quadronno - Best known for their Cappuccinos and Paninis

Sant Ambroeus - Gelato, Tarts, Coffee

Mercer Hotel

Nespresso - Upscale boutique with a cafe

Teakha Via Quadronno Mercer Hotel

Pictured above: Teakha (credit: Stacey C.), Via Quadronno (credit: John Mariani), Mercer Hotel (credit: The Mercer Kitchen)

Your favourite ice cream joints

Hong Kong

Lab Made - Asia's first liquid Nitrogen Ice cream lab

New York

Grom - Rich, flavorful gelato

Ciao Bella - Gelato and Sorbetto with a wide variety of flavors

Ciao Bella

Pictured above: Ciao Bella (credit: Gary Stevens)

Where do you go for a good steak?

Hong Kong

La Vache - Parisian steakhouse serving authentic Steak with Bearnaise sauce, Fries and Baguettes

Bistecca Steak House - Italian steakhouse with rustic themes of Tuscany

Blue Butcher - Described as one of the best steakhouses in Hong Kong. Steak, cocktails and an unbeatable ambiance

New York

Peter Luger - Steak served in a German beer hall setting

Smith & Wollensky - Dry aged beef, martinis and wine, a true old school New York steakhouse

La Vache Blue Butcher Peter Luger

Pictured above: La Vache (credit: Asia bars), Blue Butcher (credit: Asia bars), Peter Luger (credit: Tungsten Property)

What about good seafood?

Hong Kong

Fu Sing (Hong Kong, Delay No Mall, 銅鑼灣怡和街68號1樓) - Dim Sum in the day, seafood at night

Private Kitchen in tai hang (Shop A1, G/F, 9-11 Shepherd Street, Tai Hang) - An open kitchen, with updated menus everyday

New York

Le Bernardin - Exquisite seafood from a 3 Michelin-Star restaurant, highly recommended

Le Bernardin

Pictured above: Le Bernardin (credit: Bentel & Bentel)

What are your favourite Japanese restaurants in each city?

Hong Kong

Inagiku (IFC mall, 8 Finance Street, Hong Kong) - Japanese Kaiseki, Teppanyaki, Sushi, Sashimi in classic and contemporary styles

Ku-Suya Rakuen - Okinawan style Japanese food

Sushi Hiro - Fuss free Japanese food from the heart

Sushi Shin - Authentic Japanese food

Taku - Traditional Shop House setting serving traditional Japanese food with modern ingredients

New York

Bar Masa - Acclaimed chef Masayoshi Takayama brings his expertise with food to the table

Sushi of Gari - A place where tradition meets innovation

Donguri - A small, simple, sushi free restaurant featuring sashimi, soba and udon

Ku Suya Rakuen Sushi Hiro Sushi of Gari

Pictured above: Ku-Suya Rakuen (credit: Pengen Liburan), Sushi Hiro (credit: Good Eating), Sushi of Gari (credit: Idelish)

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