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Paolo Fusco is an Italian photographer based in Rome where he mostly works on architecture, interiors and urban landscape. View his online portfolio to see his works. He is also interested in social issues and often shoots weddings and events.

Could you tell us more about your photography project 'Vantage Point'?

The project "Vantage Point" was a way for me to explore the wonderful city of Venice, trying to see it through the eyes of the tourists, while avoiding the common touristic shots. The project was made during a workshop with a famous Italian photographer, Massimo Siragusa, organized by Landscape Stories.

What inspired you to start 'Vantage Point'?

Venice is crowded with tourists, who flock in the most know areas, but leave almost empty the other parts of the city. While wondering around the city, I couldn't help noticing that every single tourist has a camera in his hands and is constantly taking snapshots. And it is almost impossible to take photos of the city without tourists. So I decided to take advantage of this situation and make the tourists the main subject of my photos. It was a fun couple of days, photographing the photographers, and I am always thinking about replicating the series in other cities.

Vantage Point Series by Paolo Fusco Vantage Point Series by Paolo Fusco Vantage Point Series by Paolo Fusco Vantage Point Series by Paolo Fusco Vantage Point Series by Paolo Fusco

Pictured above: Vantage Point Series (credit: Paolo Fusco)

As a photographer, share with us your three favourite destinations in the world? And why?

I am an avid traveller, and it is not easy to pick the three favourite destinations..

In my opinion, landscape photographers should go to Iceland, at least once in their lifetime: its landscapes are absolutely unique and ever changing, you can feel you are in a special place in the world, where the land is still in its creation process.

The Atacama desert, in Chile, is another place that landscape photographers would go crazy for: minimalistic views, bright colors, volcanoes and unexpected lakes. It's a dream place.

Finally, photographers who are more into urban landscapes, really have so many choices. I would suggest to visit cities that are in the process of changing/evolving, especially those in the East, such as Kuala Lumpur, or Dubai, or the Chinese megalopolis.

But my first suggestion as a photographer is to explore the area where you live, trying to find places and stories that are known to locals, and often go unnoticed to everybody but really tell the spirit and nature of your area.

Iceland Caves Atacama Desert

Pictured above: Iceland Caves (credit: Mashable), Atacama Desert (credit: National Geographic)

Can you recommend us some places that we have to visit where you live?

Rome is full of great places to eat great food, but you have to avoid the most touristic areas for a real genuine meal. In the city center, I always bring my foreign friends to the Monti neighborhood, where locals still go for restaurants and pubs. There's one of the best ice cream shop in Rome, Fata Morgana, and a (still) typical osteria, Osteria della Suburra, that shouldn't be missed.

Among the many places in Rome that everybody should see, the Galleria Borghese is a museum so full of masterpieces (being a masterpiece itself) that it is capable to cause a Stendhal syndrome to its visitors.

Finally, every tourist in Rome should just get lost in the city center, specially between the Jewish ghetto, Piazza Navona and Trastevere, just a little off the most beaten paths and enjoy the bits of real local life and foods that can be found in those areas.

For those who want to get out of the city center, and avoid most of the tourists, I would suggest Garbatella, a one of a kind neighborhood that resembles a small village, and Ostiense, a very lively area where you enjoy the roman night life among buildings covered with murals by famous graffiti artist.

Cembalo Minerva Ostiense Garbatella

Pictured above: Cembalo, Minerva, Ostiense, Garbatella
Credits: Paolo Fusco

Being a photographer, do you have 'must-see' museums/exhibitions?

The first museums that come to my mind that every photographer should visit are the FOAM in Amsterdam, and the ICP in New York. In Rome, there's a beautiful gallery, called Galleria del Cembalo, where very interesting exhibitions are displayed in an ancient palace, Palazzo Borghese.

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