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Elisabetta was born to a half-Italian, half-Peruvian mother and a half-Italian, half-English father. She was raised in Como, home to one of the most beautiful lakes in Italy, 65km away from Milan. After working in PR as a brand manager for fashion and luxury goods between Milan and New York, she is now dedicated to co-running her family business - a high-end clothing and accessories boutique in Milan called GOODS

What kind of traveler are you?

I'm a sailor at heart. I pack light, so I don't wait at baggage claim in airports; I'm organized, but am open to new possibilities that come down my way; I love to have fun, but a day of relaxing never killed anyone. Ultimately my joy is to go to places I've never been before.

What is your favorite destination to date and why?

I can only answer with a quote by John Green: “I'm in love with cities (and places) I've never been to and people I've never met.”

I don't think I can pick a favorite destination. I think each place can suit only one relationship; therefore choosing one would give away which one was my favorite (smile)! Just follow where the next thing will take you.

As an owner of a chic boutique in Milan, can you tell us some of your favorite boutiques in other parts of the world?

  • Anthropologie in New York, which creates a shopping environment like no other through its mixture of home displays, apparel and accessories.
  • Il Mundo Insolito in Formentera, run for over 30 years by the owner, Madame Daisy. Parisian by birth, but traveling through India and various corners of Asia she discovered the best fabrics to create various collections with an inexhaustible creativity. Her boutique is filled with dresses, sarongs, pants, bags, foulards and other accessories including a small collection for the house as cushions, blankets and tablecloth; all in perfect harmony with the island.


Pictured above: Anthropologie (credit: LA Times)

Can you talk about 3 items you carry in your store - which part of the world are they from, and why are they special?

GOODS tell a story of unique fashion style and taste in continuous research and development. A dynamic interpreted through unique pieces, basic items, exclusive lines from Italian and foreign designers, carefully measured and mixed.

I can't really just talk about 3 items.We look at the world and we re-interpret it with fine lines, never too much, synonymous with an innate elegance.

We also produce our own collection that was born and named after the boutique opened; blouses, dresses and skirts in 100% silk from Como (my hometown), is famous worldwide for its silk manufacturers.

The space also, interpreted by the extraordinary Interior Designer Peter Castagna, winds through harmonious combinations of natural raw materials and original vintage furnishings. Angles that reveal dreamy atmospheres, delimit the interior guiding customers in shopping adventure full of glamour, an exhibition that communicates GOODS's independent style.

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Pictured above: GOODS (credit: GOODS)

How does travel inspire the GOODS ethos?

I like to unplug completely, spend time in sacred spots, be open to magical moments. When I visit a new destination, I immerse myself in everything from the arts scene to the nightlife ... but I am always seeking inspiration for my multi-brand boutique and for the silk clothing collection that we produce.

For a visitor to Milan, where are some places they must go to shop?

  • To GOODS! A one-of-a-kind boutique, nestled in the historical district of Brera, it tells a story of a unique fashion style!

  • High-Tech and 10 Corso Como are concept stores where you will find a bit of everything. It combines art, fashion, music, design, cuisine, culture, books, candles, and more... simply delightfully. So much that you will absolutely the “feel the need” to buy them.


Pictured above: 10 Corso Como (credit: Des & Jen)

Can you suggest an day's itinerary for a visitor to Milan?

This is my favorite itinerary:

Starting from the Castello Sforzesco, take a walk across Piazza Castello and Largo Cairoli, with the monument of Giuseppe Garibaldi, and to reach Via Dante, a large shopping pedestrian zone.

The castle dates from the renaissance period and was built in the 14 century by Galeazzo Visconti II as a defensive structure. From 1482 to 1499 Leonardo da Vinci worked at the Castle in Milan under the Duke Ludovico, called “il Moro”. Leonardo designed court festivals and created many of sketches in the in the reign house. The Castello Sforzesco houses museums and behind the castle you can even take a walk through the Castle's Park, Parco Sempione.

In that direction you will cross the historic part of Milan reaching Piazza Cordusio, with its enormous bank houses. A little detour leads you to the Palazzo della Mezzanotte in Piazza degli Affari that houses the Milan Stock Exchange. After that you will see the Justice Palace, Piazza dei Mercanti where a wide view opens to the majestic Milan Cathedral in Piazza del Duomo.


Pictured above: Milan Cathedral (credit: True Milan)

Go see the view from the Duomo roof; admire some of the 3,600 statues and 135 spires, many carved from pink Candoglia marble – and to get a closer view of the famous gilded copper ‘Madonnina’ atop the tallest spike. On a fine day, the view stretches far beyond the city to the snow-capped Alps.

On the right of the Duomo's square there is Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, the oldest covered shopping arcade in town, named Milan’s drawing room. Skip the rip-off cafès and head towards the left until you find the image of a bull on the mosaic floor. A local superstition claims that spinning three times on the bull’s attributes brings good luck. Going to Milan and not enjoying an opera would be an absolute crime whether you like opera or not. To soak in the culture of Milan visit the close-by, La Scala, the famous opera house of Milan.


Pictured above: Galleria Vittorio Emanuele (credit: Fidelity House)

After that, do as I do, and take a walk on the Navigli for a drink.

A network of canals, partly designed by Leonardo da Vinci, once stretched right across Milan, but these days the Navigli are confined to two long waterways – the Naviglio Grande and the Naviglio Pavese – in the city’s south. A welcome alternative to the slicker style associated with the fashion-obsessed centre, the bohemian canals are lined with pavement cafés, restaurants, vintage shops and the occasional gallery. A popular antiques market is held on the Naviglio Grande on the last Sunday of every month.


Pictured above: Navigli (credit: MYITALIA)

What are your 5 travel essentials?

  • My iPhone and headphones: from maps to photos, from social network to Passbook, from music to emails ... I definitely can't live without the combo!
  • A good, long, book, usually over 500 pages. I still prefer the experience of reading paper books over navigating e-books.
  • Sweet almond oil because of its numerous health benefits, for hair and skin care, I use it everyday.
  • A beautiful, colorful, 100% cashmere pashmina; is a life-saver on planes because it doubles as a blanket and I can tie it a million different ways, it dresses up an outfit and adds a pop of color. And ultimately:
  • Travel toothbrush set.

Have you ever stayed in a non-hotel accommodation on any of your trips? What did you like about it?

Yes, I've stayed in vacation rentals many times in Paris. Because of my business trips - during Women and Man Fashion Weeks and market campaign - I used to spend there almost 2 months a season, 4 months a year. It is a great way to experience living like a local, and in some cases, it can save a lot of money. I will definitely do it again in future.

If there was one fashion designer's vacation home you would like to live in for a week, whose would it be, and why?

Richard Branson's idyllic private Necker Island!

I cheated, he is not a fashion designer. Nevertheless it's by the beautiful sea of The British Virgin Islands, a place that I'm particularly affectionate about. It's private and I love the idea of not meeting anyone for an entire week!


Pictured above: Richard Branson's home in Necker Island (credit: International Accents Travel)

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