Founder of Unlisted Collection talks about his food meccas around the world

Loh Lik Peng, founder of Unlisted Collection – Roomorama blog


Lik Peng is the founder of Unlisted Collection. As a self-proclaimed hotelier and restauranteur, he assumes the role of the project person in the group, helping to conceptualise news ideas and projects.

What kind of traveler are you?

I’m first and foremost a very frequent traveller. I’d say I tend to be quite routine driven nowadays and very methodical about travel plans. I travel very frequently for work and in order for me to maximise my time, I try to be super organised and fit in as much as I can into the travel plans. Travelling for holidays is different. If it’s for holidays I want it to be totally free and easy and not plan too much, except for meals!!

What is your favourite destination to date and why?

This is a difficult one. I think - probably the Big Sur in California. I have to say it’s an amazing place to go with one's significant other and it has one of my favourite hotels in the world - the Post Ranch Inn. Beautiful landscapes and great food are great ways to leave all your worries behind.

For cities - I still love London because it’s just like a second home. It's so familiar and there are so many things to do.

Big Sur Post Ranch Inn

Pictured above: Big Sur (credit: Big Movie), Post Ranch Inn (credit: George Sell)

Can you tell us where to eat and drink in London?

Eating in London is endless. My current favourites are Lyles and the Clove Club. My two old all-time favourites is Barrafina and Little Social. For drinks and cocktails, I recommend Peg & Patriot and the Blind Pig.

Lyles Little Social Peg & Patriot

Pictured above: Lyles (credit: Natalie Chassay), Little Social (credit: Yvanne Teo), Peg & Patriot (credit: designmynight)

You run many notable establishments - which ones were inspired by your travels and how?

Esquina is inspired by the tapas bars of Barcelona and Sorrel is inspired by Porte 12, which we opened in Paris 3 months ago.

Esquina Sorrel

Pictured above: Esquina (credit: Esquina), Sorrel (credit: Evelyn Chen)

What are your favourite cuisines? And where are your go-to places for them?

I don’t have a favourite cuisine as such because there are too many things which I really love! I love Japanese so Shinji is where I get my food fix in Singapore and of course in Japan there are so many good ones!

I also love Nordic cuisine but that’s almost impossible to get in Singapore. There is always Noma for the special occasions. In Singapore, my favourite local food is chicken rice and nasi padang and I love Tian Tian in Maxwell and Yanti in Keong Saik road.

Shinji Tian Tian Chicken Rice Yenti Nasi Padang Restautrant

Pictured above: Shinji (credit: theworlds50best), Tian Tian Chicken Rice (credit: Foodie Yeo), Yenti Nasi Padang Restautrant (credit: Food Zee)

What are some food meccas that you have visited around the world?

I have been on eating trips to London, Paris, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Tokyo, Osaka and Sydney. All these are major foodie haunts and I have made special trips just to eat. Not great for the waistline!

What are some of your must do's when you travel?

I always try and find some interesting vintage and antique shops or markets. I love to browse in markets and buy stuff back. My home is filled with them!

What are your travel essentials?

I have a philosophy, now, about travel. Virtually anything you forget to bring can be bought when you get to your destination - so don’t over pack. My essentials (other than my passport) is contact lenses/glasses (because you need a prescription otherwise), comfortable shoes like my TODS for the long walks getting to the gates, ear plugs and eye mask for the plane and my mobile. That’s it! I pack minimally and if I forget anything it’s a good excuse to go shopping.

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