How to keep fit and stay healthy while on-the-go, from New York to LA

Adela Capova, model, a qualified personal trainer and a nutritionist – Roomorama blog


Adela Capova is a model, a qualified personal trainer and a nutritionist. She is also a soon-to-be pilot, and a budding photographer! Adela straddles between New York and Los Angeles, so we ask this talented and beautiful multi-hyphenate about her routines and favourite food joints in each city.

Adela also shares travel tips, behind the scenes stories, fitness tricks, recipes and more on her blog, The Model’s Office.

You have a very healthy and fit lifestyle - how do you keep up with it when you travel so much?

I’m a runner, which is super easy to maintain because the whole city is my gym. Before I go to a new place I look up the parks or beaches, so I know where I’m headed when I get there. I have to be prepared and pack my trainers, so when I get there I simply have no excuses.

It all comes to discipline, as there’s always a reason not to do it. I always make sure I squeeze in a workout, no matter what my schedule. I know I’ll feel so much better after it, my jet lag will be gone, my head will be clear and I’m a much more positive person when I feel fit, so I just go for it. When I get back to my room, I stretch, that’s easy too, no equipment needed, eventually it just becomes habit.

If I land somewhere late and it’s too dark and unsafe to go running I plug in my computer and load up a Tracy Anderson DVD. I do her weight and dance cardio workout. My hotel room can be tiny but I always manage. Hotels usually have thick carpets, so I don’t even need to pack a mat.

My job requires me to be fit, so that’s huge motivation. I’m naturally a curvy girl, so if I don’t workout hard, I don’t work, it’s as simple as that. It’s almost like being an athlete, there’s no point complaining about it, it’s great that I have to be fit for my job.

When I complain, my boyfriend says to me: “Angelina Jolie has the same amount of time as you have, plus six kids, so you can definitely squeeze a workout into your schedule.” I could kill him when he says it, but he’s bloody right!

How do you work out in New York and what's the difference when you work out in Los Angeles?

In Los Angeles, I try to stay outdoors as much as possible, that’s the biggest difference.

I try to run outside in New York too, but as I’m writing this it’s -12 outside, so it takes some motivation, especially since there is a treadmill downstairs. I’m a happy member of New York Road Runners. We have short races every weekend and I build up points so I can get into the New York Marathon. I really enjoy this community. My favourite running spots are at Central Park, West Side Highway, Williamsburg Bridge and the East Side River Park.

Because the weather is so unpredictable in New York, I do a lot of classes too. My favorite yoga class is in Williamsburg where I live. ‘Sangha Yoga Shala’ is a small studio, very low key and my teacher is strict, I was in headstands my first lesson, no excuses.

I really love Pilates using reformer machines, my favorites are ‘Brooklyn Bodyburn’ and ‘SLT’.

I recently got into boxing. My boyfriend trains me and doesn’t hold back, he’s tough and doesn’t let me flirt my way out of it.

I mentioned Tracy Anderson DVDs and I’m a huge fan of hers. She changed my whole attitude toward exercising. Once in a while I visit her studio in Tribeca, and I enjoy her ‘Detox Weeks’. They take place in New York once in a while, she provides meals too and you train in a heated room for a few hours each day, it’s awesome. I try and do her DVDs five times a week, I really enjoy it so if anything, I’d recommend Tracy.

Adela running in NYC – Roomorama blog

Pictured above: Adela running in NYC

What about LA?

I love running on the beach of course - from Baywatch Central to the Venice Pier and back. I also love Runyon Canyon Park for a warm up, it’s short, but very steep. I like to get lost on the hiking trails in Topanga Canyon and Will Roger’s State Park; the hiking around LA is amazing.

Swimming is a great exercise, if the hotel has a pool or I’m near the ocean. I go to Equinox gym in Santa Monica for all kinds of classes.

Adela running in Runyon Canyon Park – Roomorama blog

Pictured above: Adela running in Runyon Canyon Park

Where are some good sport shops in Los Angeles and New York?

To be honest, I go through so much sports clothing, so there’s absolutely no point spending a lot of money on it. I get a lot of free running stuff from my running club and races I do with them.

I don’t mind buying clothes from past seasons, as long as it’s of good quality, I wanna sweat in it, looking good is an unnecessary bonus if it happens. The only thing I really invest in is running shoes, Nike tends to fit me the best. I’ve tried lots of brands and Nike's the winner for me. Sometimes I treat myself to Lululemon leggings, they’re amazing and offer such support. The rest - running shorts, bras, yoga mats and etc, I get them at Paragon Sports in Union Square or Century 21. Both of which are discount stores and have a huge selection of Nike sport apparels. This is where I stock up so I rarely buy in Los Angeles.

Century 21

Pictured above: Century 21 (credit: acg)

What are your travel essentials?

  • Water
  • Green superfood powder
  • Moisturizer
  • My Invisalign braces
  • Big comfy socks
  • My camera

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