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Sabrina Tan is the Founder and CEO of Skin Inc, the world’s first Skin Supplement Bar. Skin Inc offers customisable beauty solutions catered specifically to each person's skin. This dynamic entrepreneur has built a global brand with hundreds of stores worldwide. We pull her aside from her busy schedule for a few moments to ask for her travel beauty tips.

What kind of traveler are you?

I am an anxious traveller when it comes to work. This is because time is always of the essence during work trips.

I am adventurous and laid back when I'm on holiday with my family. We tend to try out different types of activities like scuba diving, snorkelling, white water rafting, and even going on helicopter rides.

I am laid back once I'm on the beach or in the city. I'm a big Instagram user and I like to take pictures of the architecture, scenery and cafes.

How did Skin Inc come to be? What is the story behind it?

Skin Inc was born out of my sincere frustrations of being a busy working mother of two, and unable to find products that would work for my extremely sensitive and eczema-prone skin. Many brands cater only to generic skin types, ignoring how different each individual’s skin is in different stages of their lives, and how it changes.

As a skin care and beauty lover, I had gone through bottles of products but I still couldn't figure out what ingredients actually worked for me. I also could not afford time to go through the recommended 11 skincare steps every single day. I had this deep desire to empower women and time-starved urbanites with a product that is customised to their needs and we have now enabled that through our online skin identity assessment.

My goal is to revolutionise skin care, and change the notion of one-size-fits-all, because for the skin, each product should be unique and customised for each person.

Sabrina and Skin Inc – Roomorama blog

What are some of the skincare tips you have for travelling in the summer and travelling in the winter?

Hydration is key, regardless of weather. During the Summer, the heat will strip the skin of moisture and during the Winter, the weather is generally very dry. Hydration is the foundation of good dewy skin.

Hydration does not need to mean sticky business. The Skin Inc Pure Deepsea Hydrating Mask has a very nice transparent gel-like texture that allows you to get intense hydration while you sleep. You can even use it on the plane with no downtime and embarrassment (I apply this twice on my monthly 22 hour flights to NYC)!

Of course, I also recommend that you recalibrate your regime via the My Daily Dose Custom Blended Serum. Do a 5-minute Skin Identity check at to identify your skin needs based on the geographical location you will be at, your current skin condition, lifestyle, habits etc. The system will pick out 3 active ingredients which are most suitable for your skin. With this, you take the guesswork out of what your skin truly needs at the different locations or weather.

You've probably traveled to many different places and seen many local skin care routines and techniques. Can you share some interesting ones you've experienced during your travels?

Beauty is pretty universal. However, the more differentiated markets are Japan and Korea whose skin care routines involve 9 to 11 steps. By leveraging on highly active ingredients and regimes, we are trying to revolutionise skin care by reducing it to just 3 steps.

For the skincare fanatics out there, what are some of your favourite beauty/skin care destinations that are worth visiting?

Japan is a must-go destination. Skin Inc’s products and technologies are from Japan. They have the most advanced technologies and the level of meticulousness that goes into developing the products is simply mind-blowing. In Japan, it is never about the marketing spiel but the true efficacy of the products. And of course, they have really interesting and novel items in their drugstores too!

What is the most underrated or overlooked beauty/skincare beauty routine?

That skincare can be simple, fuss-free and does not have to be a tedious 11-step process. I think many women are very carried away with the many products and steps introduced by various brands. You need to really understand your skin's needs and cater to them specifically through time. This way, you will be able to see the results of your skincare regime through your skin's transformation.

Where do you travel to most for work?

I travel around the region a lot. But with Skin Inc’s expansion to 40 cities in USA this March, I have been travelling back there almost on a monthly basis. Recently, I have also been travelling to Europe for the expansion there.

When you go to these places, what is your usual routine?

It’s mainly work work work. For some press trips, my day starts as early as 6am and ends after midnight. There will be back-to-back meetings and press events. When I first launched the brand in USA, I traveled around with the team to visit the various media houses to introduce Skin Inc to them. Less than a year on, the team is able to bring the media to us instead of going to press meets and dinners.

What are some of your must do's when you travel?

I always visit the local towns and residential areas for photography and also to immerse myself, briefly, in their way of life.

I love shopping for my family and friends. If I have friends in those areas, we will definitely spend time together as the locals know the best places for food and shopping.

I also love visiting local beauty halls and stores!

What are your travel essentials?

I am a super light traveller.

I will always have my shawl with me to keep myself warm in the plane or a neck warmer when walking on the streets when the weather turns chilly .

My Mmerci encore special blend elixir for relaxation and sleep.

For skincare, it is definitely My Daily Dose Custom-Blended Serum, Skin Inc Pure Deepsea Hydrating Mask and more recently, the Skin Inc Optimizer Voyage, a device I use to do my skin SOS rescue facial within 10 minutes.

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