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City guides: Los Angeles and New York

Adela Capova is a model, a qualified personal trainer and a nutritionist. She is also a soon-to-be pilot, and a budding photographer! Adela straddles between New York and Los Angeles, so we ask this talented and beautiful multi-hyphenate about her routines and favourite food joints in each city.

Adela also shares travel tips, behind the scenes stories, fitness tricks, recipes and more on her blog, The Model’s Office.

What kind of traveller are you?

I’m definitely adventurous. Give me a mountain, I’ll hike it. Give me some waves, I’ll surf them. Give me historic places, I’ll explore every hidden treasure. I love being on an adventure. I enjoy exploring new cultures, countries, and the deeper I go, the more locals I meet, the more excited I am.

I am trying to be more laid back and teach myself to relax on the beach and soak in some sun when I have the chance. I tend to come home from vacations more exhausted than when I left (not to mention often covered in bruises). I have a busy job, so a more relaxing vacation may be a good idea now and again.

What are some things you do in LA that you never do in NY, and vice versa?

In LA I hike all the time, which I can’t really do in NY, unless I drive upstate. I can work all day in LA and hike to the highest peak in The Santa Monica Mountains afterwards. This is one of the reasons I love LA so much. I can be super busy at work at yet super active and outdoors. It's weird but I love to see mountain lions and snakes on my doorstep. We always have our running shoes and hiking boots in the trunk, so we can hike and run whenever the opportunity arises.

What is your daily routine in NY?

My routine varies day to day no matter where I am. One day may be full of castings but allows me to lay in until 7:30am, the next day could be a job with a 2:30am call time or a 4am flight. I often don’t get home until after midnight.

I genuinely love my job and the lifestyle it provides, but it can be very hard to plan a personal life. I’ve had to cancel my share of holidays. I wouldn’t change it though, like any job, it has its ups and downs.

How is it different when you are in LA?

LA is definitely more laid back; NY is more hustle and bustle. You have to drive everywhere when in LA, so it takes longer to get places. I’m much more of a ‘subway’ girl. In NY, I’m able to do 10-12 castings a day, which is impossible in LA. The modelling industry is busier in NY, but on the other hand, I can go hiking after work in LA.

What are your favourite brunch spots in NY and LA?


Café Mogador, I prefer the one in Williamsburg than the one in East Village. It’s very healthy, very original with a Mediterranean twist and incredibly tasty. Try their ‘Cucumber Yoghurt’ or ‘Halumi Eggs’.

Jack’s Wife Freda in Soho, super convenient location and their ‘Greek Salad’ is heaven.

The Butcher’s Daughter in Nolita has been one of my favorites for a long time, but it’s gotten quite popular and is hard to get a seat at their communal table, so be patient, their green juice ‘Goddess of Green’ is worth the wait.

Tarallucci E Vino in The East Village was my second living room when I first arrived in NYC. It’s great for a Panini and a latte.

The Spotted Pig serves undoubtedly the best burger in the United States and my East Coast guilty pleasure, it might be a bit much for brunch, but you won’t regret it.

Café Mogador The Spotted Pig

Pictured above: Café Mogador (credit: Scott Lynch), The Spotted Pig (credit: Taste Savant)


Le Pain Quotidien! Although they are also in NYC as well but I prefer the LA outlets, the food seems fresher? My favorite is on Melrose Avenue, which has a gorgeous outside area.

Urth Caffe is another classic; I like the one on Main Street in Santa Monica, gorgeous organic food that won’t leave you still feeling hungry.

The Ivy in West Hollywood is great for a girly brunch, especially when you want to do some shopping around Robertson Blvd afterwards.

Café Montana in Brentwood, great simple dishes, friendly staff and the odd A-List spot!

Nate’n Al is a true LA gem and my West Coast guilty pleasure. This is a good old-school American diner, where you better not ask for a latte with almond milk! A chat with Larry King is not unheard of on a weekend.

Le Pain Quotidien Urth Cafe

Pictured above: Le Pain Quotidien (credit: Tobin | Parnes Design), Urth Cafe (credit: Tokyo Stroller)

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