Trendland's chief editor shares her favourites around the world



Ani Tzenkova founded, and has been Chief Editor since 2006. She is a content specialist and is always on a mission to scout raw talent across any vertical and shine light on it.

What kind of traveler are you?

I am a super curious traveler. I never want to miss the best things to discover and I have very high standards of what I expect from a vacation. I can rarely leave my vacation in the hands of others. I love adventure but am more of a culture or leisure-seeker in my travel.

Where do you love going the most?

I love going to Brazil. I started going there 12 years ago and have been back many times since. It is a place I love for its tempo, culture, contrasts, beaches, nature, and of course language.

I think a few days in Rio and a few days in Parati is a great experience. In Rio, make sure to get some beach time, explore the shops of Leblon, go for a hike in Tijuca and if you get the chance to be taken into a Favela for a dance night by a local that is pretty cool too.

In Parati, you have to rent little boat and spend the day going around to the many surrounding mini islands and rocks. You should particularly visit the rock island with the little seafood restaurant for 10 people, where all the food is prepared by one family - it was one of the most memorable experiences of my life.

alt alt Pictured above: Parati, Brazil (Photo credit: Mariah)

What are some of your travel must-dos?

Try some real local specialties, taste their best restaurants, find a beach, bring back something you can only find there.

What are your 5 travel essentials?

  1. A large tote
  2. My laptop
  3. My headphones
  4. Statement jewelry
  5. Versatile jacket that sets the tone of that trip.

Speaking of statement jewelry and versatile jackets - as someone who is plugged into the latest trends, what are your favourite stores around the world?

All the Dover street market boutiques for their avant-garde pickings. Aesop, for its clean and essential beauty care products. Monocle shops around the world for their well-curated objects and wares, and their collaborations with independent makers and designers around the world. Cos for its Scandinavian-influenced, minimalist-chic fashion for both men and women. Merci in Paris, does the destination store like no other. Find homewares, beautiful objects, clothing and cafes under one roof. And Maryam Nassir Zadeh, a beautiful industrial space and boutique in the Lower East Side of New York that carries strong brands that demonstrate a laid-back, casual flair.

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Pictured above: "Craig Green" space at Dover Street Market (DSM) (photo credit: DSM), Monocle (photo credit: Monocle), Merci (photo credit:Schemata)

You live in New York now. What do you love about it?

I love that I have everything I can think of at my fingertips, at any moment. I like how easy it is to be social and collaborate with people Mostly, I love how real it is.

Everyone loves a New York brunch. Where are your favourite brunch places?

Schillers, for casual, boozy brunches that can easily stretch into an evening affair. Odeon in Tribeca, for a throwback to the 80's and classic comfort food. Bar Pitti, a New York-Italian institution in the West Village. Acme for creative, but hearty, Nordic-inspired cooking. Also really good for dinner, because you can proceed to drinks in the basement afterwards.

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Picuted above: Schillers (photo credit: The Chic Fish, Bar Pitti (photo credit: Greg Remmey)

You have kids in the city. Where are some fun places to take them?

Rent a bike and go biking along the Hudson River, East River Park, or over Brooklyn Bridge. A great workout for the entire family, and also a lovely way to see the city.

The Lego stores at Rockefeller Center or in the Flatiron District can provide entertainment for kids and adults for hours.

Sledding in Central Park in the winter is a wonderful activity for kids, and instead of Rockefeller center, try ice skating at the rink at South Street Seaport instead.


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