A Valentine's Day Special - Kevin and Martin

A Berlin kind of romance: Kevin and Martin

Kevin and Martin have been together since fall 2011. They both live and work in Berlin, Germany. Kevin is studying business and working at UK fashion brand Barbour. Martin works for the Spanish shoe brand CAMPER. Together, they form a very stylish couple.

Their love story

Last year, Kevin took Martin on his first trip to Asia (Singapore, Thailand, Japan) and their love has never been the same since then.

If there was one place in the world you would take your loved one to on Valentine's Day, where would it be?

Kevin: On Valentine's Day, we would switch off our wifi, mobile devices and landline, sleep as long as we can and order breakfast. That was the idea we both had. Our wonderful apartment would be the perfect place to focus in each other! Since we're not the type to stay at home all day long, we will head to the ONO Spa for some tender loving care.

Martin: If Kevin can show me a great time in Asia, I trust him to take me somewhere special on Valentine's Day!