A Valentine's Day Special - Eliza and Dinesh

A modern Cinderella story: Eliza and Dinesh

Eliza and Dinesh have been together for a year and a half. Eliza is an American girl from Washington D.C. living and working in Amsterdam with promo code website startup Flipit. Dinesh is from Colombo, Sri Lanka but he moved to West London when he was 14. Dinesh is a backend, software developer for MediaMonks - a creative digital production company based in Hilversum, NL.

"It's the ideal combination: he has a cute London accent, an avid Man United supporter, but can whip out an excellent curry." Eliza

Their love story

Eliza: We met at a party in Eastbourne, England, which is on the southern coast of England. The day we met we were wearing the same pair of shoes - supra vaiders.

If there was one place in the world you would take your loved one to on Valentine's Day, where would it be?

Eliza: It's funny that you mention this -- because this year, I have surprised him with a weekend trip to Groningen, which is a city in the north of the Netherlands. Apparently Groningen is the cycling capital of the Netherlands, so we'll be renting a few bicycles and exploring the city on two wheels.

Dinesh: I'd love to take Eliza to the Maldives, because it's beautiful there. And beautiful people deserve to go to beautiful places :) But in all seriousness - it's a secluded paradise on earth.