A Valentine's Day Special - Eleanor and Daniel

A musical fairytale: Eleanor and Daniel

Eleanor Streatfeild and Daniel Lopez have been married for almost a year now (they will be celebrating their first year of marriage this April). Eleanor (affectionately known as Ely) was born in Sydney, Australia but she grew up in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and Newcastle (a coastal town 2 hours north of Sydney). Daniel is originally from Singapore but has mostly been living in Australia. Ely and Daniel are both freelance orchestral musicians with Sanctuary String Quartet. Ely plays the cello while Daniel, the violin.

"We're fortunate to be able to work together a lot, while both performing and teaching." Daniel

Their love story

Daniel: I gave Ely notice in advance about when I was going to propose to her. (Some people don't like surprises) I later learned that she actually does, but fortunately she didn't believe me so it ended up being a surprise anyway. Also fortunately she said yes...

Eleanor: Dan and I would have blithely gone on living our separate lives if it hadn't been for one or two things we have in common. Surprisingly we never (till 9 months after Dan proposed) had a common location, though our paths had crossed a couple of times. We owe our relationship to music and humour. We met in 2007 playing in a national youth orchestra, and stayed in touch despite living in different states.
At one time we discovered that we had both grown up reading the same comic books. Phone conversations became more frequent, and the rest is history.

If there was one place in the world you would take your loved one to on Valentine's Day, where would it be?

Daniel: The Berliner Philharmoniker performing a Bruckner symphony (either 7 or 9) at the Philharmonie, followed by an electro-jazz outfit at a private house party.

Eleanor: One day I'd love to take him to Iceland. There's a great festival called Sónar Reykjavíc - The International Festival of Advanced Music that runs for 3 days, 12-14 of Feb. We both love the artists who've come out from that part of the world, and the festival takes place in some unusual venues in Reykjavíc. That would have to be followed up with a Northern lights tour of course! Though I guess I'm describing a bit of a Valentine's week...