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What kind of traveler are you?

I think I am pretty laid back, adventurous only to a certain extent but basically I'm adventurous for photos. In Hong Kong on Cheng Chau island, my friends and I went to look for the caves which we did but only to realize we had to crawl in one by one. It was pitch dark inside and we couldn't see anything but I thought we were pretty crazy. In Chiang Mai, I climbed the rooftop of my friend's house. We also ran topless in the fields up in Chiang Dao, just for the fun of it!


What are some of your must do's when you travel?

I always make it a point to meet people when I travel. New friends of old friends I'm reconnecting with. Instagram has really allowed me to do that and I've met complete strangers I now call friends around the world.

What are your 5 travel essentials?

Lip balm. A journal. Camera. A big roomy bag to dump all my things into. And a portable charger (haha).

You always travel so stylishly! How do you decide what to pack?

I plan what to wear in advance. When I travel, I like to make sure I'm always dressing the part. I'll have an outfit for the beach, vintage shopping at the flea market, fancy dinners… the list goes on.

What do you love about staying in vacation homes around the world?

Over the Fall, I did a road trip around the UK to the Cotswolds, Stratford Upon Avon, Bath and Malvern. All the accomodation we stayed in were B&Bs or home-stays. I also did it in Copenhagen a few weeks later. Personally, I love being able to talk to the hosts, get to know their best spots of the area we are in that we should visit. I love that it really does feel like a home away from home, things are a lot more casual and comfortable.


Ooohh - tell us some fun things to do in Copenhagen!

Renting a swan peddle boat was one of my favourite memories in Copenhagen. Have brunch at Kaffesalonen and rent a boat right after you're done or watch the world go by from the deck on a warm day.

'Hygge' is a concept in Danish culture that baffles me- it refers to a feeling, an emotion and an expression. My entire time exploring Copenhagen, hygge was all I felt. Cozy. Warm. And fuzzy all over. It's the atmosphere that comes when one spends time with loved ones, with good food and company. And it warmed my heart to see Danes embracing hygge so much in their everyday lives.


Whose vacation home would you love to invade for a week?

Yves Saint Laurent's Jardin Majorelle in Marrakech. It was once a beloved vacation home, that he and his partner, Pierre Bergé, later opened up to the public as a museum. Morocco is a dream destination for me and I am obsessed with the colours, art and culture. His old home is full of that and just so much beauty and history.

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