4 of San Francisco's Best Kept Secrets

Golden Gate Bridge

Much has been said about the important role that research plays in making any leisure trip a success. Indeed, doing some basic research on the preferred destination is an integral part of preparations for a leisure trip. In many cases, tourists will opt to visit some of the most visited destinations and locations. However, those who are keen on enjoying a different experience are encouraged to identify the best-kept secrets of their destinations. San Francisco, one of the best destinations in the United States, is known for its popular attractions. Although such attractions make for an exciting vacation, tourists can decide to explore less known locations.

For the locals of San Francisco, it is not difficult to identify their favorite spots and joints. However, foreign tourists who are not conversant with the city may not be in a position to locate some of these little-known but amazing destinations.

1. Huntington Park

Huntington Park

Huntington Park is a great place to kick back and unwind. The quiet nature of the park goes a long way in ensuring that one steps away from the stressful and fast life of the city. In most cases, both local and foreign visitors choose to go to the park on weekends and sunny afternoons. More to this, the park is great for couples who wish to spend some quality time together. In fact, a good number of couples enjoy wine in the park and have a romantic time where they give each other their undivided attention. Indeed, it is also a suitable destination for family picnics.

2. The Ferry Building

The Ferry Building

Most of the locals will not consider this much of a secret. The building is known to house some of the most popular restaurants in the city. However, one would expect that very few international tourists are aware of the location. In addition, the location houses the most amazing merchants including a cheese shop, a bread company, a coffee shop and a bakery. Lastly, there is no doubt that the beautiful view of the surrounding makes this place one of the most beautiful best kept secrets of San Francisco.

Ferry Building

3. South Park

South Park

In addition to the serene ambiance and quietness of the park, the lining trees and buildings add to the beauty of the location. Here, most people carry their lunch and relax as they enjoy the outdoors. However, this is not to say that the area does not have fast food joints. One can visit the American Grilled Cheese Kitchen from where they will be able to enjoy some delicious meals. More to this, a stop at Jeremy’s, a store located not far from the park, will see fashion lovers landing great and trendy designer deals.

4. Mount Tamalpais State Park (Mt Tam)

Mt Tam

Being on top of this mountain on a clear night is one of the best experiences that anyone can have. While on top of the mountain, one is able to see almost thirty to forty miles in each direction. To the right, one will be able to view the vast Pacific Ocean while a look to the other side gives a view of a dark forest. Still, one can view the great city and get to see the point where the ocean meets the stars.

Mt Tam

Mt Tam

Mt Tam

In order to enjoy these amazing secrets of San Francisco, foreign tourists have to obtain the relevant travel documents. In line with this, all foreign tourists must apply for esta visa.

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