Five Things You Shouldn't Miss in Tel Aviv


Tel Aviv, oh amazing Tel Aviv.  Pristine beaches and the perfect conditions for water sports. An off-the-hook nightlife scene and spectacular restaurants where spices and cultures blend perfectly. An impressive collection of modern and contemporary art. What else do you need to have a great time? Oh, yes! Add the sun almost the whole year round. Cultural events every single night of the week and easy access to any other attraction in Israel, from the Holy Sights to the Red and Dead Seas. A truly perfect mix! Tel Aviv is a super city, and if you really want to get an idea, here are the top five things you shouldn’t miss!

Neve Tzedek

Neve Tzedek is a must do-for everyone visiting Tel Aviv. It is the trendiest and the hippest neighbourhood of the whole city, filled with amazing architectural gems, superb boutiques and phenomenal wine bars! It was established in 1887 and renovated in the 1980s, making it the most charming district of Tel Aviv. Come here for an espresso in the morning, glass of wine in late afternoon or shopping spree if you are a real fashionista! The best way to explore Neve Tzedek is an evening walking tour, which takes you around the block and reveals all of its secrets, starting from little exchange kiosks to the story of the two identical houses!



It is the biggest ‘must do’ of all. You will love Jaffa, it will charm you up with the bustling Jaffa Flea Market, lovely narrow alleys of Artist Quarter, Old Jaffa Port, beautiful stone buildings, great bars, and restaurants. It is the place where you will eat the best hummus in the whole world! Add numerous galleries and museums, spectacular views of Tel Aviv and one day will never be enough! Especially when you start playing backgammon with the vendors from the market.


 Tel Aviv Museum of Art

There is no Tel Aviv without art -it's a real playground for all art lovers. Art mingles with everyday life and catches you on every corner. Galleries, museums, foundations, art fairs and street art projects all dot the landscape of this fantastic city -from shocking and disturbing to war-related and even humorous pieces. To understand Israel one needs to understand Israeli art and there is no better place to do so than the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, especially in the new wing called the ‘Herta and Paul Amir Building’ which is art itself!



I totally understand people who visit Tel Aviv for this reason only! The beaches are amazing and pristine; 14km of unspoiled and undisturbed sand will impress anybody! 300 hundred days of beach weather in the year makes it hard not to plan your life around it, which is what Tel Avivians did and did very well.

No matter if you fancy cool beach bars, water sports, quiet spots away from other people, or hip places to smoke nargila and play matkot, Tel Aviv has it all and much more! And if you're religious, they have a beach for you as well!



Tel Aviv is a city that never sleeps; there is no ‘last call’ definition in Tel Aviv’s dictionary! Local bars, brain-pounding nightclubs, laid-back basement dance bars, the hippest pick-up bars, artsy hangouts, chic cocktail bars, stylish wine bars -the nightlife scene here is intense, insane and completely off the hook. Tel Avivians always say that weekday parties are like normal peoples' weekends and weekends are like New Years Eve parties. You have to experience it yourself. You have been warned!


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This guest post was submitted by Marysia Maciocha from one of our favorite sites, the My Travel Affairs Blog and an author of Tel Aviv City Guide. Follow her on Twitter or like her on Facebook, but definitely keep an eye on her!