How to Survive Summer in San Francisco

“The coldest winter I’ve ever spent was summer in San Francisco”.  While the classic quote (falsely attributed to Mark Twain) may exaggerate just how cold summers are in the city by the Bay, there’s no denying that San Francisco is not an ideal place to be from June through August.  From the omnipotent rain and fog, to high temperatures most of us would expect in November, San Francisco summers drive residents and visitors alike crazy.  However fear not.  Here at Roomorama we have put together a helpful list of five things that will help you survive, and even enjoy, your summer in San Francisco.

1. Get Out of the City – While the weather in San Francisco may be dreary in the summer, that is certainly not the case for the rest of northern California.  Even as close as Oakland (and the rest of the East Bay), temperatures can be 20 degrees above what they are on the San Francisco peninsula.  So pack your bags, and take a hike – literally.  We recommend taking a trip to wild Yosemite, sunny Tahoe, and the boozy and beautiful Napa Valley to cure your SF summer blues.

Screen Shot 2013-03-27 at 2.55.02 PM Photo via Wikimedia Commons

2. Manage Your ExpectationsEven though it’s July, you can’t expect the usual July weather you’ve grown accustomed to.  Knowing that it’s going to be cold, cloudy, rainy, and foggy is the best way to cope with the inevitable.  If you temper your expectations, and realize that you can’t wish the weather away, it’ll make dealing with an unpleasant situation that much easier

3. Bundle Up! – The easiest way to spot a tourist in San Francisco is by looking for the people wearing shorts.   By knowing that the weather is going to be cold, you can dress appropriately, and make the best of the situation.  We recommend layers, because it does randomly get sneaky warm, and you can take off that fleece to enjoy the pocket of sun.   Remember, during summer in San Francisco, umbrellas are the new sunscreen.

Screen Shot 2013-03-27 at 3.02.15 PM Photo via Wikimedia Commons

4. Plan Activities – The best way to cure the SF summer blues is to keep it out of mind.   So plan activities, keep yourself busy, and keep your mind off the weather.  There is virtually a never-ending list of fun (and free) things you can do.  From world class museums, to the epicenter of the west coast food culture, get out there – dressed appropriately, of course – and seize the day.   Here's a great place to get you started!

5. Appreciate the Little Things – In these trying times, its important to appreciate the little things, and take solace in small victories.  By small victories we mean – unexpectedly sunny days, Giants games, happy hours, walking up that hill without getting out of breath, finding a seat on the bus, and walking up that other hill without getting out of breath.  Tiny victories may not be much, but they’ll definitely brighten up your mood – even if the sun can’t.

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