"Where In The World Are Dave and Deb": October 5


Volgograd, Russia

Russia was surprising.

It is filled with great beauty coinciding with old generic Communist apartment
blocks. There is a great history in Russia but it’s a history we didn’t know much
about growing up in the cold war. The Soviet Union was locked behind an iron
curtain and we didn’t have a clue about its heritage.

Ornate domed Orthodox churches can be found scattered throughout the country,
grand old buildings line the streets as people enjoy coffee on a sidewalk café. It is an
exciting country to visit.

You can feel the change in the air as Mother Russia stands proud overhead
reminding you of a different era. A different time long gone as the world moves on
and Russia leads the way.

Here is a glimpse into today’s Russia, a Russia that has joined the world and is ready
to embrace the future.

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