Your Bad Weather Cancellation Guidelines

Due to an unusually high call volume over the weekend -no doubt related to the conditions surrounding Hurricane Irene- we thought it prudent to clarify some details surrounding our cancellation policy. The two most popular questions we received are answered below. For further information, plese do not hesitate to email, or visit our FAQ page.

What happens if bad weather conditions force me to cancel my stay?

For cancellations due to known weather conditions (letter/statement from airline company may be required), please first consult with your travel insurance policy, as penalties for weather-related changes should be covered. Roomorama is still obliged to abide by the cancellation guidelines stated below* because hosts have held your bookings for you. However, at the host's discretion, you might be offered credit for another stay. Roomorama may also offer the usual cancellation penalty as a credit towards the fee of another booking. If your booking is with a Certified Host, the Certified Host may have his or her own cancellation policy that you are obligated to abide by. Please check the guest agreement that you signed - that will show you the cancellation policy that applies to your booking.

What happens if I need to cancel an existing booking?

You can only cancel a booking on Roomorama prior to checking in. Once you have checked in, you will need to speak to the host directly about cancellations or changes to your stay. If you need to cancel a booking prior to checking in, you must first send a message to the host via Roomorama to inform him/her of the reason for your cancellation and cancel the booking via the website.

*For the complete Roomorama Cancellation Policy, click here.

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