QUALITY Over Quantity: 10 Reasons Why Roomorama Is A Safer Place

Since day one, it has been our mission to make the process of renting to and from our Roomorama users as safe and easy as possible.  Roomorama is founded on the belief that there is a need for a safe and secure short-term rental marketplace:  We take pride not in the number of rental exchanges enabled by our site, but rather in the safety, security, and protection we offer when travelers choose to use Roomorama.

Below, we have listed ten items that exhibit both why Roomorama is a safer place to rent short term accommodations and how we do our best to ensure the experience is safe and pleasant for both parties:

  1. We never assume check-ins are successful, we know they are. Our payment code system protects guests from scammers and hosts from illegitimate guests.
  2. Sometimes it's better in black and white. Guests sign contracts seamlessly through our system so that we have a legal document to refer to should a dispute arise.
  3. We assure proactive customer service. Our customer service team is exhaustive in its vetting process.  We review all hosts and properties on our site and if something appears suspect we immediately investigate and take necessary action.
  4. We trust our users. That's because we perform an ID check on every Guest that books through our site.
  5. We trust our hosts, too. Roomorama validates all host properties before they are available for you, the user, to book.
  6. Technology is key. Roomorama uses all available technologies to verify legitimacy.  We know that scammers would like to know more about this, so we'll keep quiet on this one.
    7. We listen to you. We won't hesitate to remove a user from our site, Host or Guest, that has received repeated complaints.
  7. We maximize quality and minimize risk. We work with professional property managers that host quality properties.  More specifically, we seek out those in the industry with strong reputations to ensure an even better experience for the Roomorama guest.
  8. We recognize and reward good behavior. Our Certified Host badge is given to those Hosts with the most positive feedback, which helps the Roomorama Guest filter their accommodation search.
  9. We are always here for you. Our customer service operates twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.  Contact us any time -we are ready to help you in any way possible.

Do you have ideas that will further aid our quality and safety?  Email info@roomorama.com -subject line Quality Assurance- and we will reward your suggestion with a $20 Roomorama coupon.

Contact Lindsey Piscitell, the author of this post, at lindsey@roomorama.com.